Taking The Stress Out Of Great Housing


Sharing an apartment or penthouse with others is a great way to take advantage of sharing some common spaces but having your own private room as well. An apartment or penthouse at Clemson Lofts will seem luxurious compared to the freshman dorm you might remember.

Finding roommates can take some time, but if you have friends attending Clemson, then it can never hurt to talk to them and discover what their housing situation is like for the coming academic year. They may not realize that they can improve their lifestyle by renting at Clemson Lofts. In fact, some may find that they actually save money because of the amenities offered such as having a kitchen to cook in rather than eating out so often.

Be Early

When it is nice weather, and you are trying not to think about the academic year to come, it can be easy to put off looking for a suitable housing situation. Good Clemson student housing close to campus can make your life a lot easier, but it can get booked up fast.

Stretch It Out

If you have a lot of stuff, it can be a lot easier to start packing well ahead of time for a move. There are probably a lot of things that you don’t need access to for a week or so. If you can bring yourself to start early or at least plan some overlap between leases, you can make your move a lot easier to deal with.

Remember To Have Fun

Moving to a new place is exciting and puts you in a different place to relax and explore. A move is a good time to find new places to enjoy your free time or take up a new hobby. You are sure to make a lot of friends in a friendly and inviting community like Clemson Lofts.

Take A Tour

Clemson Lofts is proud to offer the best student housing. We would love for you to visit and see the type of lifestyle we have to offer here. With so many different Clemson apartments to choose from, we have your housing needs covered.

How To Have A Better College Experience

When you look back on your time as an undergraduate or graduate, you want to have some fond memories. Having a beautiful place to live and study is what Clemson Lofts is all about. Our Clemson apartments and townhomes have a lot to offer those that want a comfortable and accommodating place to stay near where they are earning their degrees.

Luxuries Matter

Studying and working hard can take a toll on anyone. At Clemson Lofts, you can relax in our pool or enjoy the hot tub. A 24-hour fitness facility encourages a healthy lifestyle for our residents no matter what their schedule might be. Having these resources at your finger tips can enhance your academic experience and help you unwind at the end of the day.

Your Bathroom

Our units all have private bathrooms for each bedroom. If you are tired of sharing a bathroom, then you will love all of our apartments, townhomes, and penthouse units. Having this extra privacy is nice no matter who you are. Tile floors and tubs with showers are all standard. Some bathrooms also have a separate shower stall.


Being too cramped can make it hard to concentrate on what you need to. Our spacious bedrooms are something you will love. Between your private room and common space, there is plenty of areas to claim when you need to study for your big exam.

Close To Everything

Driving everywhere takes time. Clemson Lofts is located close to everything so you can spend more time doing the things you like and less time commuting. Those that are trying to reduce their impact on the environment or live without a car will love Clemson Lofts.

Stylish Touches And Quality

All Clemson Lofts have great kitchens that feature stainless steel appliances. Our units have hardwood floors, and we can even arrange for you to rent furniture that is in your apartment when you arrive. Contact us today about arranging for your new Clemson student housing experience

Knowing Who to Live With Off Campus

Roommates are tricky.  Scratch that.  Roommates are really tricky.  Chances are, your freshman year you had no choice over who you roomed with, which is both a blessing and a curse.  Depending on your luck, you could have made a life-long best friend or a mortal enemy, but either way you didn’t have the burden of choosing a roommate.  That all changes after freshman year, now it’s your choice.  Should you room with a friend?  An acquaintance?  Someone with the same sleep schedule?  Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of your possible future roomie.

Your Best Friend

Tempting…but not always the best move.  Living with your best friend is definitely a possibility, but knowing yourself and what you look for in a co-habitant is extremely important.  If you’re the messy type and know that your best friend can’t deal, maybe living together isn’t the best option.  Soak up your quality time in a shared space, but one you don’t have to live in together.  Little disputes can get totally blown out of proportion when you don’t have time apart, so if you do decide to live with your partner in crime, consider blocking out times when only one of you are allowed in the apartment.  Some much needed alone time will strengthen your relationship, and ensure a successful off-campus living experience!

An Acquaintance

Could be a little awkward at first, but might end up better than you could imagine.  Rooming with an acquaintance sort of has the same uncertainty as living with a random roommate your first year, but with the added bonus of them being vetted by the college experience.  Living with someone you don’t know very well but who is already an established member of the college community means they’re probably pretty cool, you just need to get to know them a little better.  In this situation, you can base who you decide to live with off of sleeping habits, cleanliness, and other salient factors, and maybe end up with a best friend in the end.

No matter who you choose to live with, your off-campus living experience should be tailored to you.  Getting the housing you want can be difficult, but going through it with someone else can make all the difference. 

Meeting New People At Clemson Lofts

At Clemson Lofts, we are all about community and camaraderie. Here you will meet a lot of people that you can relate to. Getting together with others is definitely part of the Clemson Lofts experience. Here are some of the ways we promote getting to know your new neighbors.

Community Pool And Fitness Center

The pool and gym allow our residents access to great fitness equipment and fun for a healthier lifestyle.  Not only is this a great place to get in shape, but you can also meet people like you. Our fitness center contains all the latest equipment, and you can access the fitness center area 24 hours a day.

Community Lounge And Study Areas

Our comfortable lounge and study areas give you some extra space when you need it. You can also meet up with others to talk, study, work on group projects, or relax with some free billiards or table tennis.  High ceilings and good tables to set at make this a comfortable place to get to work.


If you tan, then Clemson Lofts is the off-campus student housing you want. Unlimited tanning is included in your Clemson apartment rent. Our beds allow you to keep your glow throughout the year. At Clemson Lofts, we believe that your college years can be more than living small. Take a break and go tan with a friend.

Check Out The Message Boards

At the community commons, you will always find interesting and fun people to talk to. This is a great place to see announcements and get involved in our little community. Granite countertops and insulation that ensures your privacy and ability to concentrate are all part of what makes Clemson Lofts so unique.

Taking The Bus

If you want to get out on the town or get to campus, you can take the catBus. This allows for safe and secure transportation to a variety of locations. If you are a student living without a car, you can still live off campus if you want at Clemson Lofts. If you are trying to lead a greener lifestyle, our buses are the way to get around town.

Furnishing Your Clemson Apartment

While the units are not furnished at Clemson Lofts, there are many inexpensive and convenient ways to furnish your space, so you have what you need for a comfortable academic experience. Here are some tips for furnishing your space for the first time.

Thrift And Second Hand Stores

You can find some real bargains at second-hand stores. Sometimes if a piece is not exactly what you were looking for, a quick coat of paint or a table cloth can solve the whole problem. If you do some refinishing, you can have a unique piece that is all yours.

Cort Furniture Rentals

If you don’t want the hassle of purchasing your own furniture or if you are just going to be at Clemson for a year, you might want to consider Cort Furniture Rentals. The special Clemson Lofts price makes it affordable to let someone else handle moving your furniture in and having your student apartment at Clemson ready to use immediately. There re discounts available for multiple bedroom units.

Your Own Bed

If you are attached to your own bed, you should consider bringing it if you can or at least purchasing your own so you can get a good nights sleep. This can help you get adjusted to sleeping in a new location. There are many furniture stores and second-hand stores where you can purchase a frame or mattress. Futon style beds are popular with many students.

Talk To Roommates

There may be some things that you can share. For example, you don’t need two blenders, or you might share a couch or television.

Keep It Simple

Being a student is a busy lifestyle. Although Clemson Lofts offers spacious accommodations and amenities, you might want to avoid the temptation to have too many things you don’t need or use very often. If you are a new student then before you move is a good time to go through possessions and seriously consider what you don’t want or need at college.

Make A List Of What You Lack

Small things can easily be purchased after your arrival however it is important to make a list of what you need. Buying things a bit at a time before your move can allow you to take advantage of better prices.

Enjoying Your Summer Vacation

You work hard all year in school. Summer can mean a lot of things to a student. If you don’t have any plans yet then now is the time to get started making some new memories and having some fun. Here are some ways to get the most our of your summer vacation no matter what your budget might be.

Embrace A Hobby Or Find A New One

It can be hard to find time to do the things we enjoy most during the academic year. Course work combined with a full or part time job can add up to zero time for yourself. Summer is a good time to take lessons to learn a new skill or hobby. If you have always wanted to paint or learn to water ski, then now is the time to do it.

Take A Trip

Not all trips have to cost a fortune. There are plenty of hikes that can be done for little more than the cost of supplies and transportation. You could get friends together and take off on a week-long backpacking trip in the Blue Ridge Mountains and get some time in with nature.

For those that want to get a bit further away, you may be able to get a group travel rate if you go with friends. Last minute travel deals can sometimes offer a lot of advantages to students that have flexible travel dates. Your Clemson student housing ensures you are close to a lot of things to do.


Getting out into a different world than the academic one can be refreshing. If you have the time to volunteer for a cause or organization that you are passionate about then now is the time to do it. A quick search will come up with many different organizations that need your help.

Make Sure To Plan Some Down Time

It is a funny phenomenon, but it is amazing how many students plan so much for their summer vacation that they don’t get any time to just not do anything at all. Planning on some true downtime to rest your mind and recuperate is important to starting the academic year off right at your student apartment in Clemson.

Bringing A Pet To Clemson Lofts

One of the advantages of Clemson Lofts is that we are a pet-friendly solution to student housing. When bringing a pet to college, there are some important things to consider.


Many students underestimate how busy they will be. Pets that require a lot of attention might not be the best idea for some students. If you bring a pet, make sure that you can realistically give it the love and attention needed.


Bringing a pet to Clemson requires a $350 deposit and an additional $35 per month in rent. This is to cover the costs of maintenance and repairs that can come from pets occupying our units.

Weight Limits

We love big dogs and other large pets, but student housing is not set up to be appropriate for these type of pets. Pets that are 35 lbs and under are welcome, and we ask that no pet be less than six months old. College life can make house training difficult, so it is important that pets be used to living in apartment and townhouse style living arrangements.

Socializing Your Pet

Pets that enjoy some social interaction do best in our type of student housing. Taking your dog for a walk around the area is a great way to get them used to being around a lot of other people and will discourage them from barking every time they see someone.

Roommate Approval

Since Clemson Lofts are often shared by several roommates, you need to make sure that all of them are ok with your pet before your pet can be added to your lease. This helps ensure that everyone has a more pleasant experience at Clemson Lofts.


Pets will be given a Clemson Lofts ID tag. This will help if your pet gets loose and we will know that the pet is actually from Clemson Lofts. Failure to wear a tag can have consequences such as other residents of Clemson apartments not being able to return your pet to you ASAP.

Making The Choice

We know that pets are an important part of your life and the Clemson student housing experience. If there is anything we can do to help you with your move or if you have any questions or concerns about pets at Clemson Lofts, contact us at any time, and we will help!

Clemson lofts | Student apartments in clemson | Clemson apartments

When embarking on the adventure of going off to college many new students make the decision to live in the dorms for their first year, especially if they are arriving from out-of-state. Moving to a new location can be extremely exciting, yet at the same time can evoke many intense nerve-racking emotions. Typically, students who decide to live on-campus their first year move off campus when the initial year is over. This is because a majority used their time in the dorms to acquire friends which, in turn, made them feel as if it were time to mature, and venture to a more adult-like environment.

Student apartments in Clemsonare the perfect place to move to when one is picking out their first place to live on their own. It has the perks of all-inclusive utilities, free amenities and superior safety qualities, all while maintaining the feeling of a mature environment. It is the the ultimate transitioning space for students who feel comfortable taking on the responsibility of truly living on their own.

By choosing to move into Clemson off campus housing many young adults, in which attend the University, will be able to dip their toes in the grown-up world. The number one thing about college is that every individual begins to progress as the semesters go on. Clemsons’ student housing is the first step in this process. It has the ability to allow the first experience of a young adult being on his or her own to be a breeze. Offering fantastic all-inclusive amenities, Clemson apartments take away a small portion of some of the major financial stresses one may experience when dealing with paying bills for the first time. While regular apartments do not include extras, student apartments in Clemson offer amenities like free tanning and 24-hour fitness. These small bonuses go a long way financially.

College is a brand new and exciting experience. Many young adults are looking to branch out from their university environment after their first year, and take on more responsibility. For those who fit this category Clemson off campus housing is the perfect way to transition into their next phase in life.

Planning Your Move To Clemson Lofts

Making a move is a big deal but with some planning you can take the stress out of moving to some great Clemson student housing and transitioning to a high quality of living and community.
Find Your Space Ahead Of Time

Quality housing close to campus gets booked up fast. There are many opportunities to rent larger apartments and penthouses at Clemson lofts if you have friends that also want convenient housing at a good price. Getting together and planning ahead of time is highly advised, so you are not stuck living somewhere that doesn’t have what you need to be happy and concentrate on your study.

Organize What You Own

Moving is a great opportunity to assess what you own and what you use. Moving to a fantastic new apartment or penthouse is a good time to shed yourself of clutter. As you pack your stuff, assign a few boxes or piles for things you don’t need or want to take with you. Charitable contributions to nonprofits such as Habitat For Humanity or Goodwill are tax deductible.


When you are packing things up for your move, either use clear totes where you can easily identify what is within or print out some labels that at least says generally what is in the box. This helps avoid not being able to find something easily when you are getting established in your new place.

Allow Time For Settling In

Many of us have been in the situation of moving into a dorm or Clemson apartment only to have to start classes and even work when we haven’t even settled in a bit. This can make it very hectic and stressful. If you can do it, it ‘s nice to have a bit of time to get your living space set up so you can take care of basic tasks and access the things you need for daily life.